Real estate chatbot

The real estate chatbot is your virtual real estate agent. It can be configured with a list of properties you would like to sell or rent. Customers can browse these listings, ask for more information, and schedule meetings. If no real agents are online, the chatbot can collect the customer contact info and your agents will be able to call them later.

The real estate chatbot can qualify your leads by asking your customers specific questions to learn their wants and needs.

The Messenger chatbot automatically understands user phrases like “I want to rent…”, “I want to buy…”, “I want to sell…”, etc. and directs them to relevant answers and information.

Engage your customers with follow-ups on new property and offers.

We can implement custom marketing campaigns and referral programs in our custom chatbots to generate leads as low as $2 per lead.

Lead generation chatbot

The lead generation chatbot can contextually ask and respond to questions. Giving the right answers at the right time creates customer trust resulting in 4x more leads for you.

The chatbot will ask relevant, qualifying questions to your customers, moving them through your sales funnel faster.

When they are ready, move them to a conversation with one of your sales reps or give them a link to buy your products, event tickets, etc.

E-Commerce Chatbots

An E-Commerce chatbot’s main role is customer service representative (CSR). Nothing frustrates a customer more than wanting to contact the seller and having to wait for a free representative to be available on the phone.

The chatbot is online 24/7 and can take care of most of the customer’s questions. This chatbot works great with an FAQ workflow side implementation.

The user can pick a product from a list, view details about it, view an FAQ that might respond to their question without bothering your agents.

You can upsell similar products by providing product collections with links to your webshop.

Make use of your chatbot customer base by sending them messages with new products you want to sell.

When a user wants to buy a product that is out of stock, you can send them to your chatbot, where they sing up to receive a notification message when the shop is replenished. It’s guaranteed to make a sale.

Hairstyle Salon Chatbots

The Hairstyle Salon chatbot is a great asset in scheduling new appointments.

Let’s say you have 3 hairstylists that work in your salon, each of them specialized in unique hairstyles. You might want to showcase their work to your customers. They pick their favorite style, check the availability, and book a slot in the hairstylist’s calendar.

If you want to get more appointments, you can use the chatbot to send a coupon code to your customers.

Survey Chatbots

Survey chatbots are a great tool to build a list of possible customers for your chatbot and, at the same time, learn what your customers want from your business so that you’ll be able to provide the correct services.

This works best with giveaway, raffle, or gamification (available in our custom implementations). For example, you can send a 10% discount code to all the customers that respond to your survey. Or, you can make it a contest, and only 10 random customers will receive the discount. Because you give a discount to fewer customers, you can give your services for free to 3 of them. Do not worry. The number of possible customers you will acquire with the chatbot will give you much more investment returns.

Combining a survey chatbot with gamification options is our preferred chatbot because it can quickly create a large number of leads and a huge audience.

Combine this with a referral program and reach 2 times more possible customers.

Contest Chatbots

Contest chatbots are a great tool to acquire a big audience fast. They work great for e-commerce stores, event organizers (concerts, talks, etc.).

Hold contests with prizes (can be some of your products or services).

Use Facebook ads to build a big audience.

Upsell your products with a targeted message.

We can implement any other chatbot type!

We can extend the example chatbots in any way you need. If the chatbot platform does not support your requirements, we can implement an enterprise-level custom chatbot at fair, startup prices.

No matter your use case, do not hesitate to reach us on Messenger. We will discuss your use case, provide marketing strategy support, and help you move your business to the next level.