Template based chatbots

We offer a wide range of template-based Facebook Messenger Chatbots. They are easy to set up, and we can customize them to fit the customer’s brand and needs. These simple Messenger chatbots can serve many demands:

  • FAQ chatbots
  • Real estate agent chatbots
  • Lead generation chatbots
  • E-Commerce chatbots
  • Hairstyle salon chatbots
  • Survey chatbots
  • Contest chatbots
  • Many more use-cases

For these simple chatbots, we make use of the traditional chatbot platforms. We prefer Manychat, but we can also work with Chatfuel. Both provide excellent features and competitive pricing. In addition to what these platforms have to offer, we will provide our marketing expertise and technical skills. We will discuss all your requirements, build a list of information that you will have to provide (frequently asked questions, products, offers, etc.), discuss and refine your chatbot marketing strategy, deploy your chatbot in production.

Custom implementation Facebook Messenger chatbots

There is no magick chatbot to fit all business requirements. Established businesses and even start-ups require deeper integrations between the chatbots and their production platforms. Here are some exciting examples:

  • Online shops use chatbots to communicate with their customers -> send abandoned cart reminders, offers, notifications of new stock refills for users interested in buying a product out of stock.
  • Real estate agents want to use the right communication channel with their customers -> notify customers when a new property is available based on their requirements, notify price updates.
  • Let customers log in to your platform directly in their Facebook Messenger app. After login, they will be able to access custom menus, their profile information, check their orders, tickets, event dates, basically anything that they could do on your platform without leaving Messenger.
  • Hold contests (raffles, giveaways, etc.) where the customers can win something after they execute a specific action: like your social media pages, share some content, respond to an interactive questionnaire. Use the power of affiliate marketing by giving more chances to win customers who invite more customers to join your chatbot.

We managed to get app downloads as cheap as $0.10 per download for our previous customer by combining these strategies:

  • A custom chatbot that offers a voting mechanism (ex: voting for your preferred pizza)
  • A Facebook ad to bring customers to our chatbot conversation
  • A referral system where customers that invited their friends to our chatbot got more chances to win (ex: a customer has one chance to win if they vote for their preferred pizza, If they invite their friends, they will get one extra chance for each friend that also votes.)
  • After a couple of hours, the users get a message to download the pizza delivery app resulting in about $0.10 per app download!

In addition to that, our customer also learned what the top 5 pizzas in demand are.