Learn how to take advantage of Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing

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Facebook messenger chatbot marketing facts

Why Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing?

As Facebook stated, relationships are everything in business. And every relation starts with a conversation. By 2021, your business will have the chance to start a conversation with an estimated 2.4 billion users. As a plus, Facebook wants to bring WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger together meaning that there are, potentially, a lot of prospects to send down your Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing funnel.

Based on Facebook, 53% of people are more likely to buy a product from you if they can contact you directly via Messenger. More than 1 in 2 people consider that the modern way to communicate is business messaging.

Email is still the workhorse of any online marketing campaign with an open rate of around 21%, with 4 out of 5 emails never getting opened. All this while chatbot marketing campaigns see an open rate of over 90% on average.

For example, SnapTravel has seen $1 million in hotel bookings in less than one year after they started to use a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Tommy Hilfiger has seen an astounding 87% return rate for users that started to use their Facebook Messenger chatbot. They also noted that users spent 3.5 times more through Messenger than the other traditional digital channels.

LEGO built a gift recommendation chatbot seeing 3.4 times higher returns on ads for click-to-messenger ads compared with ads that link to their website. They also got a 71% lower cost per purchase.

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Ways a user can reach your Facebook Messenger marketing chatbot

There are plenty of ways to draw the users to your Facebook Messenger chatbot and build an audience.

You can put a button on a piece of content in your blog where you think that a user would like to contact you after they read that piece of content. Or, you could integrate the Facebook Messenger chat plugin that allows you to integrate your website with your chatbot. The users are welcomed with a nice introduction that you can set up. It works best with a call to action letting users know that they can contact you over the Facebook Messenger chatbot.

You can update your Facebook page main CTA to a Message Us button.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot call to action
Facebook Messenger Chatbot call to action

You can also create a Facebook ad with a “Messages” objective. See more details here.

Ideas to build an audience for your Facebook Messenger chatbot

The nice thing with Facebook Messenger chatbots is that you are in control of the conversation. You can imagine short stories and go as wild as you want to.

Example 1

Let’s say you are a pizza restaurant. You could create a Facebook Messenger chatbot that can teach the users fun facts about pizza.

Facebook Messenger cha bot example
Facebook Messenger chat bot example

After serving the pizza facts, you can show an offer to your users that will redirect to your ordering app when the users click “I want some!”
Maybe after some weeks, you are organising an event with a grandmaster pizza chef. Now you can create a Sponsored Message add to notify your customers about the event.

Example 2

You are a travel agency in New York, you would like to know what are the places in the United States where travellers would require a guide so that you can hire local guides in the correct places. Because you are a 10x marketer, you deploy a Facebook Messenger chatbot that surveys the users about their favorite places in the United States. To attract more users and potential customers, you set up a giveaway for all the users that fill in your survey on your chatbot. In your Message Us ad, you can announce that one of the participants will get a free guided tour for two persons in the place that is most loved by all the survey participants. To learn about the winners, the participants have to also like your Facebook page because this is where you announce them. Wow, you hit two hares with one stone.

Example 3

You have an online shop. A user wants to buy a long sleeve t-shirt. You know it’s out of stock so you display a button that sends to your Facebook Messenger chatbot. The button may say “Is this item in stock?”. When the user clicks the button, they are redirected to your Facebook Messenger experience. The user signs up for a one time message that you can use to let them know when the item is in stock (you can need to obtain special permission from Facebook to use this feature and you can send the message whenever in the next 12 months).

Facebook Messenger chat bot example

Up-sell a product with your Facebook Messenger chatbot

If you created a survey experience for your customers, you could ask them to sing up for a one time message. You will use this message to send them a link to a page that displays the survey results and offers some of your products to buy (it’s better if the products have to do something with the survey).

You can send a sponsored message to all of your Facebook Messenger chatbot audiences by creating an ad. A sponsored message can be about one of your new products, a sales coupon (let’s say a buy one get one free sort of discount) with a short deadline to redeem.

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More to explore

Metabase on AWS

Metabase, free analytics to skyrocket your Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing

Metabase is an open-source analytics tool. You can run SQL queries to get actionable insights on your data. We use it with success to monitor our Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing campaigns. In this tutorial, we deploy it to an AWS EC2 Ubuntu 20.04 server, protected with SSL via Let’s Encrypt.

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