3 New Facebook Messenger Chatbot Strategies to Engage Your Customers

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Talk to Your Customers Using Facebook Messenger Chatbot

When you started your business, wasn’t making a profit one of the main goals? Unless your business is a non-profit venture, you must make a profit to survive. Unlike the olden days when organizations had to market only on television, radio, and newspapers, there are various techniques nowadays. Therefore, you must select the strategies that work for your business.
Facebook Messenger chatbot is still a new concept for some organizations, yet it is a money-making tool for other businesses. Chatbot or a Facebook chatbot is an automated Messenger system that communicates with your customers when you are not around. A chatbot eliminates delayed response to your customers because it responds as soon as they message you.
Businesses use chatbots for very many functions. Here are our top three methods that every business should adopt to engage customers on Messenger.

Use Messenger Chatbot to Notify Followers about New Content on Your Website

If you post on your website regularly, it is essential to share it on social media to attract readers. It is one of the methods to get customers. A person who visits your website and finds that your articles are informational may end up buying your products and services.
Although you can post a link to your site’s content on your Facebook page, a personalized message feels more special. A personalized message may compel individuals to visit your site. A Facebook Messenger chatbot is one of the fastest and most efficient methods of delivering these messages.

Send Automated Responses using a Messenger Bot.

Imagine a day when you have to respond to tens or hundreds of messages from customers on Facebook. It would be hectic, and no matter how much you try to respond to each person, the process will be slow. You may end up missing the critical details in some of the messages, which may turn off potential buyers.

But if you have a Facebook Messenger chatbot, you can offer unmatched customer support. The bot will send automated responses to specific questions that customers ask. It will also notify customers that you are away and respond in an hour or two. The result will be a win-win for you and your customers.

Use Messenger Chatbot to Remind Customers about Events

Sometimes, you may need to organize events such as launching a new product or a marketing campaign to promote your products’ awareness. Your aim is for people to attend the event and participate in the activities you have lined up. It would be best if you reminded the people you are targeting the event’s day.

Of course, some people may remember, but with a reminder, you will be at peace knowing that those who missed out did not forget the event. A bot can help you to send two or three event reminders. However, ensure that you don’t overwhelm your fans with reminders because it may bring out a negative image of your business.

Successful businesses are using these strategies, and they are already getting good results. So, why are you not yet using a Facebook Messenger chatbot to offer customer support and notify them about important things?

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